Spark Container Pop Art Competition

Co-Sponsored by:

EUPE HOTEL SDN.BHD (208667-P) 5th Floor, Wisma Ria, Taman Ria, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Entry Rules and Regulation

  1. Entry into this contest constitutes your acceptance of these rules and regulations.
  2. Entry fee is RM50.00.
  3. Entry fee to be paid together with the entry form during registration. Entry form must be submitted by signing online registration form (CLICK HERE) latest by 5pm on 9 March 2020.
  4. Each entry must be accompanied by a design sketch of artwork. The art must reflect a theme that is suitable for public display in Spark.
  5. Maximum number in a group shall not be exceed 4 participants.
  6. The concept of the entry must be original works. Art can be mixed media and colourful.
  7. Participant with the most voting numbers by the SPARK’s visitors shall be announced as the winner.
  8. Announcement of winner: 8 May 2020.
  9. All the artwork/ designs remain the property Spark.
  10. The organizing committee reserves the right to amend and/or supplement these rules and regulation if necessary.


  • Paintwork is at the discretion of participants
  • Only non-perishable materials are allowed

Container Drawing Size

8 Square feet

Right and Obligation

  • Organizer reserves the right to utilize the artist’s artwork for exhibiting, photo-shooting, publishing, event promoting or website designing.
  • The right mentioned above will now be restricted by time, geographic location, number and mean of uses. Participating artist are required to agree to these terms.


1st Prize (Grand Prize): RM2000

2nd Prize: RM700

3rd Prize: RM500

Consolation: RM50 for the rest of the participants

For Inquiry please call +60 11-2099 8029 (En.Fikri). Payment of registration can be made through Eupe Hotel Sdn Bhd Maybank Account: 002102-300171.

Detail of crew member, sketch design and proof of registration payment must be submitted with online registration form by click button below

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