Spark hosts a unique leisure, dining and rejuvenating experience for those who want a piece that’s just made for them. Experiential zones, funky décor, whimsical retail popup stores, edgy cafes, beauty spots and dreamy desserts! We’ve got you covered. We‘re creating a playground for those leisure-seeking minds and playful hearts; or just sit back and watch. Come recharge, relive and rediscover yourselves!


*food * fun * festivities

On the fiery food front, SPARK Box Park surely feels like the whimsical place to be. The platform here is a collation of personalized happiness or happy nest – a place filled with nasi lemak, pizza, char-koay-teow, steamboat bbq, Thai, Japanese, Western fusion food – all organized into an aesthetically pleasing grid of re-purposed shipping containers.

Container lots for rent. Contact us


10 Minus Eleven!

Possible and applicable as you can scale it down and add it up whenever needed!

PopSquare is a cluster of pop-up marketplace. It serves as a scalable retail platform that helps business owners and start-up retailers sell their products/services without the hassle of large capital outlay. For a fresh take and added variety of innovative products and services PopSquare provides you with the marketplace convenience to browse for that missing item you so desire. Or wander through the aisle for a leisurely stroll to capture the essence of daily living.

Come for the variety, take home the missing piece!

Service / retail lot spaces for rent. Contact us.


    Sunny Rainy Cloudy!

    Whatever the weather holds, you need to be at your beautiful best. The Pink Room aims to be a game-changer in the beauty service industry. Here we have an array of beauty services to improve your beauty journey and experience in getting the right and effective beauty service at the most affordable price.

    Come for the treatment, stay beautiful always!

    Be apart of us, please contact:

    6011-20998029 (Fikri)